Hip Hop

The school were I go to hip hop is called Energy, This week  I had my third class. (it’s the third level) The classes are hard, fun and the school has good teachers which I think is one of the best things, almost everybody gets along with each other which is another good thing, all these things make the classes fun.

Today my class was fun, hard, everyone gets along day, but lately the classes have had different teachers ( so far 5 or 6 ) and they all have different technique and then they all have their own counts, for example one will think ” 1…..2….3… ” and another “1..2..3..4.. ” another ” ”″ and so on, not that this is bad it’s just interesting how people are so different! anyway, I guess today was a good class.         I hope you will like to dance like I do.

Thanks for listing.


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