My Ballet Class journal

Great news, I’m going to start Ballet classes again ( Last time it was  classes at: Saugerties Ballet Center ) the saugerties ballet center wasn’t my favorite place so I quit.

Oh and the classes are going to start in 1 week so I gotta get new Ballet equipment.

~Dancediaries ❤

September 9th:

Okay so I went to the ” School of Ballet ” it had a beautiful dance studio ( Nice and big )

the Teachers name was ‘Ann Hebard’ and whats amazing is that the Queen of England sent her a letter of how good she was! (wow) .

Anyway tomorrow I’m going to  buy my  Ballet uniform( can’t wait )

September 10th:

Woohoo! okay so I got My uniform: Black leotard, leather ballet slippers, and Pink tights.  I’ll try to find a picture on the net that resembles what I will be wearing in my class ( here’s the Link to ‘Ann Hebard”s site : ) well I cant do that right now but  I will tell you everything later. 🙂

september 11th:

Ok so today is not a dance rehearsal but I found the leotard photo (Capezio TB1420): except my leotard is the black one 🙂

Capezio TB1420

WOW I couldn’t blog for a LING time cause my Computer was to slow! Oh man that was irritating, well lets is September 31st ( sorry for not writing right away ) anyway I had a few ballet classes already 🙂 they were the perfect mix of hardness, my class is about 15 or  (16) 17.Anyways, I Can’t wait to have my next class 🙂 I am tired it’s 11:00 p.m. and I have been working all day ( plus practiecing all my Ballet  wormups to keep in shape for my next class, which will be in about, three days 🙂 ok so Goodnight 🙂 I will right either tomorrow or on my Ballet class to fill youin in EVERYTHING 🙂

ok (really) goodnight now, Mwah



ok so tomorrow is my Ballet class and so far my classes are going awesome 🙂

I hope I am not tired or sore tomorrow…

I was SO tired today cause of this concert I went to the other day ( if you were wondering, it was awesome). Ok so i will write tomorrow..




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