September 10th

Yesterday was the first day of ballet since summer camp. Everything’s different, new teacher, less people, higher level. We’re practicing less on technique and learning more difficult moves, which is exciting. I can’t think on a lot to say, as that was my first day.

I thought I would talk about my obsessions that I collected over the past few months. I was devastated when Kanani left ANTM2.0 (America’s next top model 2.0). My favorites are probably Renee, Marvin, and jiana.
Im also obsessed with all the abc family shows and breaking pointe on the CW.
I’m not sure which is better Nikon or Canon? Nikon d3200, canon 5D, Nikon d5200, or canon eos t3i rebel??
And I’m also debating between lenses. I still have a lot of research todo. Gah that was a long paragraph and I’m sorry I dragged you through my jumbled sentences.


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