Dance movie trailers

I like this movie because it has lots of gymnastics, so I hope you will enjoy this movie as I did.

I like this movie because of the hip hop and the Ballet.

This is a movie that I have recently seen. it’s one of my favorite movies out of all these trailers.

If you like ball room dancing and hip-hop than this is the right movie for you. This movie has competition, dance, friend ship, life situations and more…..

I like the older version than this one but this was still good.

Here are some movies that I have watched  and wanted to share with you:

this is the older version of fame. the acting is amazing compared to the 2009 fame. I love this fame!

Here is a movie with a little bit of jazz and Hip-hop. As you can see its step up 2.

This movie is all dancing no real story. It’s the newer version of west side story. ( west side story has a story though )


New Entry:

Girls just want to have fun:

Jaden smith’s great talent in the  dancing category:


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